Philippine model Sinon Loresca, who republished his sculptures four years ago

Sinon, a Filipino Catwalk model and now a philanthropist working in Myanmar, has a lot of love for Myanmar people.

He also shared the following picture taken on Halloween night four years ago with his caption, ‘Happy Halloween, when we were four years younger.’

Sinon is currently nearing his birthday and is donating a large amount of money to some of the poorest people on the streets of Rangoon as a birthday present.

Tomorrow will be the birthday of our beloved friend Sinon, who will be waiting to see what kind of philanthropic and poor people are trying to catch the smile of the Burmese people and the poor.

Fans also pray for Sinon’s birthday tomorrow. Thanks for reading to the end.

Despite the plethora of successes, they are also deeply ingrained by the honest, cold, and professional spirit of their fans.

Two of the biggest fans are working on art together and currently in Bagan for filming.

Myint Myint and Sinon, both of whom were in Bagan for filming together, also enjoyed taking pictures of the pagoda as they walked to the pagoda.

The memories of the film were shared with the fans, and the fans were more than satisfied.

The pictures, which were posted with the same message, were captured in the same way, and the audience caught the attention of the audience.

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