At the first Result Show of Myanmar Idol Season 4, it seemed like he was leaving at least Voting

In the first week of the competition, the Top 11 finalists competed with their favorite songs.

Hkun Htun Lay has been the only one to leave the competition. He was crying and he was singing and all was sad. Like him, he’ll have to leave each other every week, so the rest of the Top 10 must be prepared.

The audience also gave me some words of encouragement for the party.

Myanmar Idol Season 4, which is very popular among the audience, was initially able to capture the full attention of the audience. The comments of the referees are very specific, There was a catch in the Myanmar Idol competition, which attracted the attention of the contestants, who were impressed by the competition. He is one of the judges of Myanmar Idol Season 4. It is the singer who is a fan of fashion and fashion.

In the fashion scene, Phyu Kyaw Kyaw Thein, who was very much in fashion, surprised all the fans in a white jersey in the Myanmar Idol Season 4 competition held last night. For the audience, the images of Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein appear in the sky.

Phyu Phyu Thein Thein, who also posted a photo of “The Phantom of the Myanmar Idol.Part 1, is a lot of part 1, 2, 3, 4!” The white dress, which is well-dressed at the show, is also very bright as a guest of Myanmar Idol.

Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein is a very good thinker, so often she shares her words with her to educate her audience. The active White is one of the dads who guide the contestants to the best of their ability. Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones in the Myanmar Idol contest, the most popular event in Myanmar Idol.

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