A fun event in which he donated a lot of money for his parents to find no one to support his parents.

A fun event in which he donated a lot of money for his parents to find a way to sell their baby.

They even call it a difficult life. Many people give up because life is too difficult. However, the people who faced them without fail also came second and foremost. Look at them and take notes. People who never give up and never give up are good people. There are people who seem to be more likeable people to follow. It doesn’t matter how bad you are. We know our parents’ gratitude, They are the children who raise and work. Is it possible to be a big fan of your parenting time? The information that will be presented is about Myo Tun, 36, He was hit by a car in 2014 and lost one leg.

Despite losing one leg, he continued to support his parents while he continued to give up his life. Every day, he sells his scooter with a towel. But the shop was not good, so we had to fix it several times a day. Knowing this, Ko Thant Thant from Lashio Shan Restaurant gave her a hard-working 1J Japanese motorcycle to commemorate her parenting efforts. In addition, we usually give 10 bins a month.

Both of them are of the highest mind. Both those who value and honor those who struggle with life never give up. I wish you good health and eternal happiness. If you want to encourage Ko Myo Tun, his phone number is 09797123989. Shipping Give it a try!


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