The real reason behind the mourners crying after the competition

At present, Myanmar Idol contest is one of the most popular and popular programs of the mouth. There are only eight contestants left, and Country Music and Country Competition showcased their best performance at the Country Week yesterday.

The one who managed to make the most of the audience in the country was drunk. As the song was being sung in the most lively and emotional way, the audience was in tears as they began to weep and weep.

During the song, there was no tears during the song, and the tears were heard while the musicians were listening.

The real reasons are “still fits in with the series already lost a month to call known as a stay … to say nothing of his instruction, but she asked for” My Day at night and this morning, “Country Week” wings “to the music saved me was the singing competition are not satisfied … that occurs overnight stop မူေ Sorry, I was in tears, sang a song to match the feelings

It was for her. You can encourage me by giving me a few steps to encourage and encourage me by taking part in Voting. ” The audience also prayed for Marilyn’s love.

In the week of the Country Music Competition, many fans were surrounded by tears and cheers as they sang. Tears flowed through the song and tears began to flow. Tearful or worried about the song’s destruction You will only know if you remember someone in tears.

Phyu Phyu, the dude, said that the song was very good and that it was good to see the song and not just the mouth. Tin Maw Maw said, “I feel sorry for her as a drunk sister.”

As the referee comments, he himself knows what a drunk person is in tears. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the song was sung in the chest. A lot of Voting would have given you a lot of Voting, which would have flowed into tears as it felt like a big chest.

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