Rocker Zaw Win Htut, who has been married for 34 years

Zaw Win Htut, who is known as “The Rocker”, has been married for 34 years to his wife, May Khaing.

Zaw Win Htut, the eldest daughter of Zaw Win Htut, wrote on her Facebook page: “When 34 years ago, the whole world disagreed, I would get you. The couple wrote that they had been given permission to kiss their grandparents and kiss their grandparents.

Win Htutra gave birth to a baby girl and is currently raising her as a single Mom. She’s’ Happy 34th Anniversary! So far, we are all together. Try to keep them warm and loving. “Thank you for everything,” he said. “Thanks for everything.”

His fans, who love the Rocker, pray for the joy of the 34th anniversary.

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