Smile shows a small space decorated with grass design on the roof of the house for family relaxation

Actress and singer Sammil is a family-centric person who always surprises daughters and husbands. Now, she has created a little green space on her roof and created a place where she and her family and friends can visit.

Looking at the layout of her rooftop, the audience thought it was either a foreign resort or a newly opened domestic space, and asked where it was. But Sam responded that it was her own roof over her roof. The lovely sofa chairs and the lush greenery of the surroundings also complement the beauty of this rooftop terrace. The scenery in the picture is too dark.

Sammil’s daughters even asked to see the giant frog in her garden that her mother had created and even asked if they were Pathein. As you can see, the leaves are very beautiful. The way the ladders are arranged and the way to relax on the steps is also poetic. Samson doesn’t know if he’s older. It is said that it is more likely to see greener pastures. Let’s take a look at whether the new roof remodel is exactly the same as the one he likes.

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